Saturday, 29 October 2011

All about Google+ Ripple

All about Google+ Ripple This is a Ripple diagram of my…:

All about Google+ Ripple
This is a Ripple diagram of my post 'What is the best religion?'
Ripple link:
Post link:
[توضیحات کامل در باره ریپل گوگل پلاس: اگر برابر خوب پارسی به نظرتان می‏رسد پیشنهاد کنید]

What is Ripple?
1. Ripple diagram visualises how a post spreads as users share it on Google+.
2. Arrows indicate the direction of sharing.
3. Only recent public posts show up.
4. Circles within circles show a resharing sequence; large circles indicate heavy resharing.

So in this diagram +Neal Conner, +Ivan de la Jara, +Halfey Halphstein and +Hamid Dastmalchi for instance are heavy sharers.

5. Use your mouse wheel to zoom in and out the diagram.
6. Use the bottom sliding dial to specify time of share.
7. Not all users have their Ripple option activated yet but +Alex Koloskov has here explained a way round it.
8. First watch this video Google Update Watch How Posts Get Shared with Ripples
9. In the links below find more about Ripple both prepared by +Ryan Crowe
b. #Google+ #Ripple

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