Friday, 28 October 2011

Bilinguals have a problem on Google+

(2) Google: "I post mainly in English but as I have a large number of Persian followers too I have faced a big problem which I suppose is the problem other bilingual or multilingual users might as well have.

What is the problem?

1. If I post English (public) I might bore most of my Persian followers and if I post Persian (public) I might bore most of my English followers.

2. If I make two big circles (English and Persian) and I only post to one of them then only those whom I have circled can see the post and not the English or Persian speaking public.

That is, although my post is meant to be public for English or Persian speakers, it actually goes only to an audience of less than 5000 who in turn can only re-share it to a limited audience!

-By the way I know there is the translation options, but that does not help here.
Any ideas?
CC to +Larry Page +Vic Gundotra

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