Thursday, 27 October 2011

Why Iranians are unhappy about changes announced for the Google Reader?

Changes announced for Google Reader has upset Iranian users because, as you can see, Google Reader is the most popular site in Iran, only second to the USA. (via

Google Reader had helped Iranians to form their social networks undisturbed by censoring and filtering imposed by the undemocratic government.

Many of users have decided, very reluctantly I should say, to move to Google+ but, as I gather from them, what bothers them most is that posts sent to Google+ streams via links do not include the full post, contrary to Google Reader which had the full post in each entry. This means that if the referred site is filtered they would be unable to access it.

Iranian users have used Google Reader both as an enlightenment tool and as a social networking medium. It would be good if Google found a way to facilitate Iranian users's access to filtered sites as in Google Reader.

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